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Confined Space

Safety in Confined Spaces – Implications for Weatherization Webinar

Recorded June 9, 2016.

This session includes presentation and 30 min of discussion. Attendees will learn about OSHA’s Confined Space Rule, 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA in the context of standard WAP weatherization work. The session outlines definitions and guidelines found in the confined space rule, making the distinction between Permit Spaces and Non-permit Spaces. This session is intended to partially fulfill requirements that demonstrate someone to be a Competent Person for the purposes of the rule.

Attendees learn the categories of confined space hazards that result in permit space requirements and are further briefed on hazards typical to weatherization jobsite confined spaces (crawlspaces and attics). For most Weatherization projects, practical compliance means not working in permit spaces. This session emphasizes controlling or preventing these hazards in order to avoid permit spaces.

To view this recording, click here.

OSHA’s updated Confined Space FAQs can be found here.

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  • What Happens When Your House is Weatherized? (57 MB Powerpoint .ppt) While designed to inform low-income weatherization recipients, this PowerPoint touches on many elements that should be included in any quality weatherization project.

list of WA State Weatherization Agencies (106 KB Word doc)

2015 Significant Changes – Illinois WX Standards (610 KB Adobe PDF)

WX Standards July 2015 (6.1 MB Adobe PDF)

Mobile Home Retrofit Agenda (508 KB mobile-home-retrofit-agenda-2)

Moisture Leaks and Pressures in Mobile Homes (160 KB Adobe PDF)

Job Announcement – HopeSource (217 KB Adobe PDF)