~Heating Systems & Diagnostics

This session looks at the variety of heating fuels and systems. Participants will learn to identify the different types and understand related safety features, rated combustion efficiency, distribution efficiency, maintenance, and operation. Fuels: electric, gas, oil, and wood. System types: furnaces, space heaters, boilers, and heat pumps. Venting configuration, clearances for single wall, b-vent and coaxial vent will be reviewed.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn to identify all types of heating systems commonly used in the Northwest.
  1. Understand where and how to measure draft, heat rise, combustion efficiency, and carbon monoxide in the exhaust.
  1. Be able to distinguish between natural draft, induced draft, and power drafted equipment.
  1. Be able to perform a visual safety inspection for indications of back drafting or flame roll-out.
  1. Be able to visually determine whether fossil-fuel fired furnace is 70%, 80%, or 90% efficient.
  1. Learn to clock the gas meter to determine gas input, and whether the equipment is over or under fired.
  1. Understand heat distribution by radiant and convective heat-transfer through water, steam, and air.
  1. Understand possible causes for short cycles and how to correct them.
  1. Learn the safety features; High limit cut-out and reset, back draft cut-out and reset.
  1. Understand the importance of proper vent configuration in the performance of the exhaust system.
  1. Learn to identify class-A vent systems and associated clearances.
  1. Learn to identify single wall and B vent, and know their clearances.
  1. Learn how to locate and check filters on forced air systems.
  1. Learn the importance of clean blower blades in distribution efficiency.

Prerequisites: none

Materials: pen and paper suggested.


Cost: $275 (General Public); $137.50 (Contractors Associated with a WA State Wx Agency); $0 (WA State Wx Agency Staff)

Instructor: varies - see scheduled courses

Location: varies - see scheduled courses

Registration URL:  Event Link

Date: Aug 23 2011

End Date: Aug 10 2011