~Weatherization Technician II

The Weatherization Technician II course is specifically for technicians that have weatherization retrofit experience and have WX TECH I skills and knowledge. Technician II training is designed to assist technicians in reinforcing diagnostic skills, estimating skills and job management skills. Working “smart” and understanding the critical details of an effective weatherization retrofit ensure safe, efficient, and durable energy retrofits.

The Weatherization Technician I & II classes are both designed to provide WX technicians the weatherization skills to install materials safely and effectively for a weatherization retrofit in accordance with the Washington State Department of Commerce Weatherization Specifications and the Department of Energy Workforce Guidelines for Home Energy Upgrades.

Attendees should dress in clothes appropriate for weatherization work and bring respirators fitted with acid vapor cartridges. We will be working with insulation, mastic and foam.

Pressure Diagnostics and Air Sealing Learning Objectives

  • test with blower door in depressurization and pressurization modes
  • find air leakage in residential buildings
  • determine cost effectiveness of air sealing
  • learn air-sealing details specific to 1-½ story homes
  • confirm air sealing was done properly
  • define the pressure boundaries visually
  • confirm pressure boundaries with a blower door
  • perform qualitative assessments of duct leakage
  • measure duct leakage with duct tester

Dense Pack Wall Insulation Learning Objectives

  • assess a house for critical junctures
  • evaluate house interior before installing dense pack insulation
  • remove 3 different siding types with minimal damage
  • determine the right hole size for the insulation installation
  • use drill motor safely
  • probe a wall for blocking and framing
  • estimate the number of bags of insulation required
  • use a pressure gauge to assess the capacity of an insulation machine to dense pack insulation
  • operate insulation machines safely
  • care for an insulation machine properly
  • determine the right wall tube based on air temperature
  • use a density box and scale
  • use a thermal imager to look for insulation voids
  • close up a wall after insulating
  • reattaching siding
  • fill out an insulation certificate for a dense pack job

Blown Attic Insulation Learning Objectives

  • determine existing R-values
  • determine when to remove or redistribute existing insulation
  • estimate bags needed for insulating an attic
  • set up an insulation machine for insulating an attic
  • blow insulation in an attic
  • fill out an insulation certificate for an attic

Job Planning Learning Objectives

  • implement a job work scope
  • fix incomplete or incorrect job work scopes
  • estimate
  • working from a work scope
  • to develop a work scope

Prerequisites: none

Materials: pen, paper, work clothes and respirators required

BPI CEUs: 12

Cost: $825 (General Public); $412.50 (Contractors Associated with a WA State Wx Agency); $0 (WA State Wx Agency Staff)

Instructor: varies - see scheduled courses

Location: varies - see scheduled courses

Registration URL:  Event Link

Date: Jul 19 2011

End Date: Dec 15 2011