building energy analysis


The BPC’s technical staff combines experience gained from working on over 1,000 buildings with science-based, expert knowledge of building performance.

We can investigate, performance test and advise on a wide range of building energy efficiency related concerns:

  • energy efficiency upgrades – if you are a home owner or small business proprietor interested in a complete energy use analysis, look at our Community Energy Challenge (see below).
  • specific energy related concerns – if you have a specific question such as:
    • why is the heating system not doing the job?
    • does a window upgrade really make economic sense?
    • how much can more efficient lighting save?

    contact us to discuss how we can help.

  • construction related decisions – if you are planning new construction or a remodeling project and need to make energy related decisions, see (energy modeling)
  • utility allowances – if you manage or own housing that is eligible for a utility allowance, see (energy modeling)


Community Energy Challenge

Sponsored by federal, state and local governments as well as utility providers, this energy saving pilot program is delivered by a partnership of the Opportunity Council’s BPC and Sustainable Connections and provides energy retrofit services to non low-income families and businesses within Whatcom County.

When they sign up for the Community Energy Challenge, home and business owners can receive:

  • a Home Energy Assessment
  • customized action plan
  • links to qualified contractors
  • help with tax incentives and rebates
  • exclusive financing options
  • 100% quality assurance

Learn more about the Community Energy Challenge.



energy modeling

BPC qualified staff can create comprehensive building energy use models to help homeowners, building owners and contractors analyze the costs and benefits of energy-saving strategies when planning new construction or a remodel. Our models can be built from architectural plans or from an on-site inspection.

Multifamily housing managers for low-income and subsidized housing receive energy bill allowances from utilities based on estimates of average energy consumption that can be expected of their tenants.  Our energy models have been employed to establish such allowances.


contact us for more info on the BPC’s building energy analysis services.