design a successful community energy or healthy homes program


We’ve learned from years of experience that starting a new program costs a great deal in staff time and money.  Community-level agencies that are starting or expanding energy efficiency or healthy homes programs can partner with the BPC’s experts to increase the likelihood of success and to eliminate or reduce the cost of start-up challenges.

  evaluate critical program systems and elements

  • staff planning
  • roles and responsibilities
  • data tracking
  • policies and procedures
  • budget creation and tracking
  • expense allocation
  • cash flow and spending plans
  • inventory control

ensure regulatory compliance

  • procurement
  • Davis Bacon and prevailing wage rules
  • data collection and reporting

establish quality assurance standards for delivered services

  • contractor selection and training
  • contractor monitoring
  • quality assurance
  • program monitoring for quality

how it works: established programs seeking improvement

  • interview program stakeholders
  • analyze personnel capabilities, roles and responsibilities
  • visit field projects
  • provide checklists for proper documentation
  • make recommendations for improvements, such as developing clear staff communication plans, obtaining necessary development and training, or creating tracking systems for expenditures

how it works: new programs

  • partner with stakeholders and agency staff to establish program objectives and guidelines for success
  • assist with program policy review
  • develop staffing plans and systems for:
    • outreach
    • eligibility
    • enrollment
    • scheduling
    • assessments
    • pricing
    • crew and subcontractor work orders
    • quality assurance
    • tracking and reporting

benefits of partnering with BPC?

  • decades of experience operating and improving the Weatherization and Home Repair Program of the Opportunity Council in Bellingham, WA
  • systems approach for consistency in evaluation, instruction and quality
  • continuous feedback loops to measure and improve performance
  • proven record of success in implementing a variety of federal, state and utility-funded programs

contact us about partnering with the BPC to start or improve your program