environmental investigation

mold and moisture

A plumbing leak that could cause mold growth

Without moisture, there is no mold. The BPC can help you create a strategy to eliminate or minimize mold development, for a healthier indoor environment. Our investigative approach will identify moisture sources that lead to mold and mildew, pathways into the building and forces behind moisture movement. We’ll then recommend ways—such as improving drainage and ventilation—to control or eliminate moisture sources.

lead-based paint 

Testing window frame paint for lead

The BPC offers three levels of lead-based paint testing, each with a specific testing protocol and written documentation of test results:

environmental sampling for lead paint

  • who: homeowners, landlords, contractors and property managers interested in testing painted surfaces for lead based paint
  • completion time: two to three hours, depending on number of samples
  • test results: include an XRF reading log, and narrative summary and interpretation of readings and findings
  • test methods: non-destructive to painted surfaces

lead-based paint risk assessment

  • what: thorough testing protocol that identifies all lead-based paint hazards at a property, from falling paint, painted surfaces and dust, to soil and play areas
  • who: home contractors using federal HUD funds for housing rehab; homeowners, building owners who want a full lead-based paint assessment
  • completion time: seven to ten hours, on site and reporting
  • lab fees: $100 – $150, depending on number of samples
  • turnaround time: results typically available within a week of testing
  • test results: include an XRF reading log, lab results from dust and soil samples, list of identified hazards and recommendations for mitigation

lead-based paint inspection

  • what: surface-by-surface test of all interior and exterior painted surfaces
  • who: school districts, city and county housing authorities who require full lead-based paint abatement
  • completion time: six to ten hours, on site and reporting
  • test results: include a written report of all surfaces containing lead-based paint and the concentration of lead in each surface

All BPC lead-based paint tests are performed by Washington State Certified Lead-based Paint Risk Assessors.

asbestos testing 

Popcorn ceilings can contain asbestos

All testing and sampling services by certified AHERA building inspector and state approved testing labs.

radon testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that moves from the ground into the air, above and through cracks and other holes in a home’s foundation. Radon can build up in any home, new or old, well-sealed or drafty, with or without basements.

The BPC is pursuing certification to perform residential radon testing, and will soon add it to our environmental investigation offerings.

combustion safety

We can help you resolve potentially dangerous combustion appliance (gas, propane, oil, wood, pellet) problems such as:

  • fuel leaks
  • incorrect venting
  • inefficient combustion/excessive exhaust gas levels
  • back drafting vents

indoor air quality issues

The BPC can identify many different indoor air quality issues and recommend remedies. In addition to dealing with the air quality concerns mentioned above such as mold, radon, and combustion safety, we can determine if your home or building simply gets enough fresh air for occupant health. If not, we can provide you with a blueprint to achieve adequate ventilation.

rodent infestation

We know rodent signs and we know how to deny rodents access to your home or building. If you want a permanent solution to rodent problems you have to block all access.

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